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   Preform Specialties, Inc. was formed in 1992 to provide specialty tungsten carbide performs to industry.  Since its inception, PSI has built a reputation for delivering a high quality and competitively priced product in a variety of grades for specific applications.  With a knowledgeable sales and engineering staff, PSI is always prepared to assist customers in carbide tooling grade selection and address issues relating to all aspects of carbide use for their application. 


        In 1999, some of the partners in Preform Specialties, Inc. purchased the former Metal Carbides Company located in Youngstown Ohio.  Renaming the company Carbide Metals, Inc., the partners set out to restore the reputation of the old Metal Carbides Company as a major supplier of carbide blanks and extruded rod.  The operation was moved to Blairsville, Pennsylvania in 2002, where in partnership with Preform Specialties, Inc., set up shop in a new modernized facility.


        While both companies retain their separate identities, the expertise and knowledge shared between them has made the partnership a formidable alliance in providing our customers with the best quality product at the most competitive price possible.



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Carbide Metals Inc.

176 Cherry Street,

 Blairsville, PA. 15717


800-362-3791 fax


 724-459-6356 fax

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Preform Specialties, Inc

176 Cherry Street

Blairsville, PA  15717


724-459-0827 fax

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